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HI I’m Nikita I am a media student /YouTuber/ vlogger/ actor/songwriter/director/radio presenter/Tiktok I am also involved in LGBTQ+ as well as all the charity work I do. This is MY TUMBLR PAGE to see what I do 


A bit about what inspired me

Welcome to my Blog where I post theories, reviews, news and all things nerdy what inspired me to get into movies I have always been a huge fan of films I love  going to the cinema so watching films getting theories  and just a sneak peak in to what is going on is something i do best even if i don’t get  the full picture I like to theorist  what may happen My biggest inspration for that has to be MatPat so #blameMatpat the gametheTheorist and loads of  other people of course so if that sounds like  your kind of thing stop  look around leave positive feedback even contribute how well one of two ways you can tweet me@MythicwolfIRL or drop me a comment hope to see you soon also check out some of my other sites if your not sure who I am thank  you so much any support really does mean a lot.

Acting Credits

As far as my acting credits go I have being acting for 10 years it started at PQA also known as Pauline Quirks academy for those of you that don’t know who she is she is a talent British actress best know for her role as Sharon in birds of a feather along side her son Charlie Quirk beside PQA I also went to the Gates and Wilkes academy me If those names look familiar they should the academy

Was run and owned by Gareth Gates and Johnathan Wilkes  but like all acting academy’s I was the oldest so I had to go I then join my local theatre acting group and from there started up my YouTube channel where I film act and direct a few short films.

Those short films that me and my friends from college made were made for competitions but were also shared on YouTube not including the college plays I was in I also auditions for a few TV shows and being a standing in In a few theatre plays when the actor was ill or hurt them self I would like to do more acting in 2018- onwards that is as far as my quote unquote acting credits go