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Movie Rumours 

These are just rumours at the moment so this blog  post maybe subject to change you have been warned

Lets start with The genius that is James Gunn also known as the director of gardians of the galaxy.  james gunn is looking to release the 3rd  movie in 2020 but the way Gotg2 is going at it putting bums on seats he could potentially be released in 2018 -2019 depending  how much it grosses in the box office over all giving the Gardians of the galaxy is one of the most popular and highly respected movies franchise not to mention its out of marvel and all marvel heros content and have a bigger plot with each other all their story lines interconnected.
Next up is suicide squad 2 now they have opened up for a new director and that could potentially be guy ritchie now guy ritchie is known for lock stock and two smoking barrels and also Sherlock Holmes game of shadows staring Robert downing jr and if he does take on Suicide squad will it have the famous guy ritchie vibe to it if you seen any of his films you know what it mean I can’t explain it’s one of those you have to see it to understand it deals because guy is so abstract with his visions but I think it has a chance all I say is give Jared Leto more screen time.
Like I said these are rumours at the moment let you know more when I get updates

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