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Supernatural review

So I am reviewing a TV show we all know and love based on two brothers that hunt monsters for a living

I am talking about the Winchesters

Sam and Dean Winchester played by Jared and Jensen

Supernatural has managed to span over 13 seasons  Supernatural is full of creatures from myths and legends, not just creatures  gods, you name it supernatural has done it from laivthan to Lucifer to the four horsemen of the apocalypse supernatural more or less gives you lessons in all Greek  and Norse mythology as well as some others To myths and legends  vampires werewolves shapeshifter witches again to name a few.

Though  supernatural is based on the main characters you do see a lot of team free will which is made up of Sam Dean and Cas the angel Sometimes joined by the king of hell Crowley if they need to blackmail a favour

Lately you been seeing the men of letters come in more meaning there is a bigger side plot a possible conspiracy that they are trying to end all hunter so it’s just the men of letter no one else but always in their way is a Winchester and as the Winchesters don’t fully approve of the men of letters style of hunting they are willing to humour them but as they have learn the British men of  letters have more toys aka up to date cutting edge technology but there is only one thing Sam and dean are interested in and it has been a subplot and that is the colt a gun that can kill anything the Winchesters being the kind of hunts that kill first ask questions later the colt was the perfect weapon to take out all manner of creatures that go bump in the night.

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