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Post 28th march 2016 

so today for you guys I played an unscedruled game of my new modpack and we had a VIP guest i hope Dantdm don’t mind us having him he did come out of a chance cube at the end of the day .
so if you want more of this modpack let me know in the comments plus help come up with a name

for it its UNTITLE as of so if you lovely lot comment names i will pick one and also display the owner in the next video as well when ever i play this i have to work out some bugs but please get commenting.

I started a mini series called lyriccraft when I first started YouTube doing gaming this is my popular video The doctor visits
I stupidly deleted the mod folder not for the first I also had a world based around the tv show supernatural stupidity got in the way there too

Got a new one now keeping this one going suprisingly shadowdimentions is still going just haven’t filmed it in awhile I need to get more ram it’s a tanky mod pack.

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