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Robin is joker theory 

This has been around for awhile this theory Robin is the joker not just any joker Jared Leto’s joker now Matpat aka the gametheorist covered this in more detail link below Matpat theory on robin being the joker 

Now this makes sense there has been three robins the original boy wonder dick Grayson  who then turns in to night wing then you have Jason Todd second robin killed by the joker then the the third Tim drake 

Now mat goes in on how he is more likely to be Jared letos joker and just listen really listen to how it all ties together then you start to wonder is robin joker all the evidence suggests yes but let’s not forget now a days on the internet things like this can be photoshopped and exaggerated but really it’s up to you guys to decide is joker Tim drake lost his memories of being robin with the help of Harley Quinn and electric shock therapy and rebuilt a new identity new persona as the joker 

I’ll love you guys to decide till next time stay weird and geeky internet  also show Matpat some love as well watch his film theory videos they really get you thinking ✌🏻

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