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Biggest DC crossover 

CW are looking to do a bigger DC crossover that last year according to this article CW/DC crossover

According to the article above as we are Rolling into the new seasons of DC Comics series on the CW, the crossover event will only continue to grow according to Arrow’s Oliver Queen actor Stephen Amell. He quote unquote said “I know exactly what’s going to happen,” 

Amell goes on to say “I think that the whole idea is that after the success of last year, we tone it down, and not include all the shows and just kind of make it as pedestrian as possible,” the actor joked, before adding, “Or the exact opposite of that!”

So may be he the opposite of tone it down is more like turn it up and hype it up as much as they can give you a lot of unpredictable 
While Amell can not divulge any plot details because you know spoilers  and can’t tell us who may or may not be attempting to wreak havoc on TV’s mini-Justice League, he does reveal the upcoming crossover will expand by comparison to last year’s in one major way.
He then goes on to say “I think the idea this year, from what I understand is, last year they said four-night crossover but in a lot of ways, Supergirl was just kind of a lead in to The Flash, so I think this year they really want to get everyone involved,” Amell said. “It’s not going to be a four-night, well I guess four-night, but Legends and Flash are on the same night. I think they want to get everyone involved in every show. I like having the anchor, we have the anchor this year, Thursday night.”
Let’s see what they do this year how they pull it off and how big is big because the hype will definitely be big.

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