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For those of you that know what that is and is lucky enough to live and even be there it’s the san diego comic con 2017 where all there geeks hang and hear what is new about their favourite shows this year no exception from the arrow to the originals to a bunch more as well as cosplayer yes I know how it works we have something similar over here in England first on the the list of links of geek news arrow Arrow villains that is you can read this your self unless your there but in season six ther villains will have an affect on team arrow let’s move on to the originals Season 5 finale that’s right you are reading that correct according to the link hilightes they are pulling the plug so to speak I am sure there is loads more these are just some leaks I got  also a video. Showing them talk about something I have spoke about a bit the arrow supernatural crossover Jared and Jensen are sold on the idea but for some reason I think it might work read my theory to work out why Arrow supernatural crossover also if you have comic con news you want to share drop it on twitter@itscrescentwolf see you in the next post 

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