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What we know so far is Arrow has a history of creating epically evil supervillains each season, and no two have ever been quite the same. The big question now that we’re moving into a new era with Season 6 is if the big bad will be something entirely new. We already know the theme of the season will be all about family. 

Season 5 spent a lot of time building a brand new version of Team Arrow, which was actually quite necessary after the death of Black Canary, the retirement of Speedy, and the temporary absence of Diggle as Spartan. The new team was able to unite around Prometheus as the supervillain, but Prometheus is definitively dead after the Season 5 finale. Going by Marc Guggenheim’s comments at the big San Diego Comic-Con, we’re not just getting one big bad. We’re getting a whole team of baddies.
A team of bad guys isn’t totally unprecedented for Arrow. We’ve had villains teaming up before, with the Suicide Squad in earlier seasons and as recently as Prometheus’ little squad on Lian Yu in the Season 5 finale. With all of Team Arrow pretty solid, it makes sense that it would take a unified group of villains to pose an actual threat against them.
The reveal that we’re in for a team of bad guys may help explain some of what we’ve learned about Season 6 so far. We’ve known for a while that Katie Cassidy was going to be back on the scene, this time as the sinister Black Siren. Arrow was bringing in a villain that fans have been clamoring for, and that description didn’t apply to Black Siren, who was already on the scene. thoughts were that maybe it Lady Shiva on  her the way; perhaps that’s still the case maybe just throwing this out there some earth 2 characters spill over from flash.  Arrow will return to The CW in the fall. That is all I have till next time ✌🏻

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