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What you may have missed 

 Here’s what you may of missed at SDCC2017

From The Marvel Cinematic Universe to Fox’s X-Men TV Universe, here’s everything Marvel related that you need to catch up on from SDCC Day Two: 
New The Defenders Trailer Revealed

The Defenders Panel Recap

Netflix Punisher Series Footage Revealed

A Doctor Doom Movie Is Happening

Iron Fist Season 2 Confirmed

Punisher Netflix Footage Revealed

Colleen Wing & Misty Knight Team-up Teased

Elektra’s Role In The Defenders Revealed

And In the X-Men Universe: 
Legion May Introduce a new Young Prof. X

X-Men: The Gifted Trailer

X-Men: The Gifted TV Series NOT Connected to Movies

And from marvel to DC

It wasn’t at Comic-Con, but one of the biggest headlines of the day was that Ben Affleck may soon be dropping out of his Batman role! That news certainly put a damper on SDCC Day Two for DC Comics fans – but then we also got a second piece of bad news: After years of hype, Dwayne Johnson won’t actually be starring in the Shazam! movie! 
In some good news, we may be getting a Joker/Harley Quinn Spinoff, though… 
DC Animation also had a big day, as we learned more about the upcoming Young Justice season 3!
It will be called Young Justice: Outsiders

Outsiders will feature a lineup new characters (as well as the returning ones)! 

And Here’s what Happened to the original Young Justice Team

Live-Action DC TV got some headlines: 
New DC TV Sizzle Reel Introduces Black Lightning

Zod and/or Lex Luthor Won’t Be in Supergirl Season 3

Preacher Season 2 Got a new trailer, introducing a fan-favorite character. Click Below to check it out!
Preacher Season 2 SDCC Trailer

Preacher SDCC Panel Recap

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