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This is all about marvel and let’s start with what we know by starting with ant-man and the wasp 

The former Catwoman will join Paul Rudd and play Janet Van Dyne – the original Wasp and first wife of original Ant-Man Dr Henry Pym – played by Michael Douglas – and mother to Hope Pym, the new Wasp, played by Evangeline Lily. Marvel boss Kevin Feige said: “She was our dream choice.”

Laurence Fishburne also joins the cast as scientist Bill Foster, who worked alongside Pym and became superhero Giant-Man.

Relatively obscure Marvel villain The Ghost will also appear.
Moving to captain marvel well it be set in the 1990s first off 

Brie Larson’s film – the first Marvel movie to be focused around a female lead – will be set before Iron Man in the Marvel timeline.

Samuel L Jackson will reprise his role as Nick Fury and will have two eyes as it takes place before he loses one and adopts his famous eye patch.

The villains in the film will be The Skrull – green alien shape-shifters.
Moving on to Thor ragnaraok

Hulk is going to talk in actual sentences! Mark Ruffalo explained Bruce Banner has been the Hulk for two years after the green giant refuses to turn back.

Cate Blanchett, who plays villain Hela, revealed she had been “happily dragged” into the Marvel universe “because of my kids”.

Jeff Goldblum confirmed his character, the Grandmaster, is the brother of Benicio del Toro’s Marvel universe character universe The Collector, as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: The Dark World.

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