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Review on ready player one 

So it’s probably gonna be biased but ready player one is directed by Steven Spielberg so you know it’s gonna be good if you watch the trailer you can see it’s sort of derive the kind of how do I explain it kind of sword art online based where you have to be on a virtue reality well because that seems more safer than the real world and you don’t want a reality check that the real world’s gone to crap because utopia looks so much better I know in sword art online it was if you die in the game  you’re dead in real life but with ready player one do you take it up the crate it gives the sense of friendliness refinement safety everyone knows the place and I promise that they can’t screw up again but like have in the real world so look like they’re trying to hide from reality check that the world is not what they InVision not what they want not what they dreamed  it to be such a case of scrap and all starting from fresh but in the virtual world so am I excited for ready player one hell yeah it’s like a rave about this all day. Like I said it’s Steven Spielberg film on it so I think this is gonna be a really really really good film like I said I could be Biased on that but I have been a fan of his work for ages  but it’s my opinion any way i’ll be listening to the audiobook of ready player one tonight till next time stay geek ✌🏻

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