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Joker solo movie 

That is right a joker solo movie I am not going to go in to it you can watch this video link here

Jovenshire talks joker solo movie)

So from what we know joker is getting his own solo movie and they are looking to make it an origin movie personally good idea because you can get to see what made joker the joker because we know there has been 3 jokers and batman gets to learn that maybe even learn that joker was his former robin remember that blog post with the video attached no his the video again  Matpat 3 jokers

But what do you think and go and show those videos some love.

Forgot to mention they are not sure if it’s Jared Letos joker soz for the side note but I want your thoughts and opinions tweet me at @itscresentwolf use the hashtag #geekoutunpopularopinion and let’s have a discussion

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