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Firstly someone needs to stop from watching Matpat’s game theory but stick with me. On this because what is said in this video Link here

I will go over it briefly but watch the video to get the full picture Fanf or more commonly know as Five Nights at Freddy’sAs you may know is a horror based games with animatronics but then you have it’s spin off game sister location Now both these games are referenced in the fanf books sliver eyes and the twisted Ones but that is not the big WTF moment in those games,

side note people we are over looking the bigger picture and it’s not that the fact the fun time animatronics are essentially kidnapping children nope it’s little disc with a blinking red light seems pretty harmless and looks like a power core right? Wrong it’s a mind control device and it wasn’t just in sister location it was being used there was an killer animatronic in the game that was spingtrap but were the others real but after all is said that’s just a theory and shoutout to Matpat for giving me this theory and go check out his channels games theory and film theory please check out that video as well till next time ✌🏻

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