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Calling the supernatural Fans 

If it wasn’t exciting enough that we are getting season 13 of supernatural Andrew dabb show producer even did an interview with tvline and had a few things to say

Death is not the end for Castiel. That being said, when we pick up our season he’s more dead than people usually get on our show. Castiel has a big role to play for us, but that may not be as soon as some people are hoping.

Sam and dean are dealing with not just losing a member of team freewill As well as there demon friend they are also coping with losing their mum again dabb had this to say

There’s no one they can call, so our guys are a bit on their own, a little spun out, both emotionally and in terms of the plot.

Both sam and dean are stuck playing parents to the nephilim jack this is what Andrew dabb had to say on that

There are parts of him and things he does that they really love, and there are parts of him and things he does that worry them a bit.

That now all dabb had to say let’s just say he dropped a few hints in about the dearly departed and let’s just say the hint were very  vage

 Even if it’s not played by an actor that we recognize, there are certain characters that are going to come back in different bodies.

All in all I think this season of supernatural is going to an emotional roller coaster.

If you want to read the full article the link is here

Remember to tune in when supernatural returns on October 12th on the CW.
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