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Supernatural gets halloween covers

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It’s October and Supernatural is returning for season 13 on the day before Friday the 13th. So it’s only appropriate that the stars landed the cover of Entertainment Weekly for a horror-themed photo shoot. Stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins show up on four different covers for the popular entertainment magazine Here is just one of them.

With Robert singer giving an interview he is just a bit of it but the question from it I pose to you guys because I want to get your theories.

Supernatural an early renewal for its 13th season, the show easily could’ve kicked back and taken some time to relax. Instead, the writers plan to kick things up a notch this year: Altogether, season 13 will test the waters for a potential spin-off, fulfill a long-held dream of an animated episode, and introduce a new central player when Lucifer’s son, Jack (series regular Alexander Calvert), moves in with the Winchesters.

That’s why it might surprise some fans that this season will see Jack hitting the road with the boys, which begs the question: If driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cakehole, what does the Nephilim in the back seat do?

What does the nephilim do in the back my sing along to drivers music and find out he doesn’t have a voice of an angel.

Hey that’s my theory let’s hear yours if you want to see the full article like is below

Supernatural entertainment weekly article

Or you want to see the other covers link to that is blow here

Supernatural halloween covers

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