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Meet the franchise that has more twist and turns in it than a Twizzler and we still want more why because we are so hungry to know where Scott is going to take the FANF story next

I mean it’s had so much from games to books to spinoff and talks of a film and we still have a hunger for fanf what more could you do with FanF

Well let’s go to Where it started at the Fred bears diner the first pizzeria with the original animatronics the Original be golden Freddy and spring trap and they are still animatronics that are on free roam but something made them go off their core programming

Let’s get past this section 1987 the bite of 87 the reason why golden Freddy and spring trap where old of commotion.

New year roles rolls round and we are in a new place which we all know by now bonnie chica foxy puppet golden Freddy but we know what is also not all strictly true the first animatronics were golden Freddy and spring trap to spring locked suits decommissioned and locked away demean not safe for work place shutting down and then the hand over where the company went to fazbear entertainment now welcome Freddy chica foxy in pirate cove bonnie with the spring locked suits locked away a proment feature though out is a crying child and a puppet. we have to remember Scott Cawthon, said that there is an explanation for why the characters are haunted

The reason being

If you remember Freddy fazbears was started by two men Henry no name given and William Afron now remember that last name Afron because he is a major player now Henry was the engineer side of the business building the animatronics while afton was the business paperwork hiring and firing as we know from the mini games in fanf work if you collect all the characters and complete happiest day you get taken to a guy at a desk who apologising and telling you it’s to late gets killed by an all new animatronic baby Sister location

Confused let’s fill you in

Phone guy or afton was a night guard with more skeletons in his closet that sans and papyrus put together he like to lure children away and kill them now remember me mentioning the purple guy that’s his first victim none other that his business partners son giving life to the other children so if he looks solid and not like your tripping balls on acid yeah he pretty much is

But don’t be two hard on phone guy I think we can show a tad bit of symphony if you want to call what he was trying to do a science experiment gone wrong remember I mentioned the bite of 87 well yeah that happened as it was shown a boy was bully and was put in to a spring lock suit that spring locked suit being golden Freddy well it had it endo skeleton removed but if a kid try’s to possess it it will look dead and mange to fade in and out which is what golden Freddy does well this kid happened to be afton son and you see in fanf 4 you are in a hospital bed then you have the dream theory I am not getting in to that that is a pain in the ass to cover

Anyway on after down sort of we’ll fighting for his life in a coma

Next you have his daughter quote

Daddy can I go play with her you built her for me after all

This is after a daughter talking about baby this is the next fatal incident these are spring locked suit not built to entertain or be out in public or around public now in the mini game with baby and afton daughter we can clearly see the little girl ignore her Dad and baby taking her and now instead of baby eye being blue they are green

Second afton to fall

At this point William was being to officially lose it and his wife may or may not have died going the book and other thrOeists Baby balora and Freddy sound different like 2 sound sentient and self away

The two be belora and baby

Baby we know from the mini game as his daughter

Also going back to the line that kept reoccurring it turns out it was afton telling his son he may have found a way to put you back together

I am going to story rambling remember this is just a theory to what I have been talking about go check out Matpat over at game theorist he has done loads of fanf videos that includes science and lore till next time Nico out ✌🏻

By the way if the way i tried to explain it the story and lore he is the game theories play list doing a better job than me

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