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Give gifts give life FNAF theory

Please note before you start reading this this is just a theory and it was originally posted on my theory page thank you

Good old FNAF we just keep coming back to you why well if you did your home work and went to the Playlist I gave you in the last blog of the game theorists then you are all up to date if you haven’t stop reading click the link ( go play catch up but for those of you that are up to date I had my own theory.

so far from MATPAT we know about the crying child the daughter and mr and mrs Afton but we never touch on the third son the oldest what happened to him well here’s my theory folks

We know that the eldest afton child like to scar his brother with a foxy mask and if you watched the theorists that was shown now we know MR afton or phone guy killed 5 kids and in the mini game give gifts give life you see the puppet doing that which we can narrow down is the crying child and this theory maybe a little farfetched

One of the 5 kids afton kills was his eldest son the crying child was a witness to that as the puppet and his only way to save his brother is to give gifts give life now the crying child knew his brother was his dads favourite and so was foxy so his stuffs his brother in the foxy suit

But it’s not just the Easter eggs the game theorists or Scott leave there is also the books we know we are looking at the Afton family and the tragedy that fell on them crying child dies in the bite of 87

The daughter gets scooped and becomes apart of baby in sister location giving that a whole new meaning Sister Location as in crying child’s sister which makes sense because in one of the mini games you see a girls bedroom bellora believe to be mrs afton because of the way she acts she the only motherly looking robot there and her and baby are the only ones aware of their surroundings but no one mentioned the third afton child the eldest which is my belief his brother bared witness to his murder making him afraid of the animatronics but when he back the puppet he had to save his brother so stuffed him in his fathers favourite character foxy.

But hey that’s just a theory ✌🏻out guys

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