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The final of FNAF THEORY

First let me just say for this for this to be explained properly watch this video I came up with the theory that the eldest afton whose name at the time I couldn’t remember may be foxy that theory has been proven wrong by you guessed it Matpat but not just that I’ve been saying the events take place with the bite of 87 nope it’s the bite of 83 first that the youngest afton loses his life and Scott the creator of Five nights practically confirms it but the real kick in the pants is the eldest afton theory so it turns out there is to purple guys William afton the main purple guy aka the killer and his son Micheal undoing his father mess releasing the souls of the kids Micheal Afton was an animatronic remember ennard this mangled looking clown but hey like I said let MatPat explain it better because at the end of the day it’s just a theory

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