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Movie Fan theories

We all love a good theory especially superhero theories and believe me when I say where theories are considered you normally can bet I am somewhere just fuelling it or making it worse by add more to it but there are some fan theories out there that could just top mine

  1. Nick fury is clairvoyant

This one is an interesting one because there are scene that kind of back that theory up like where Barton was going to take the avengers to the “safe house”

suddenly out of nowhere fury shows up at the house just an example does that make him a Clairvoyant or has he got a tracker on them that open to you.


From abandonment to jealousy to ego-mania, Loki has a lot of issues to work through during the events of Thor here is what the fans had to say

One fan theory reckons that Loki should be cut some slack because he’s simply “going through puberty.” How is this possible? Is that even possible? Well, Frost Giants and Asgardians appear to be immortal gods to us mere mortals, but really they just age far slower.At the start of the MCU, Thor is already a century old in human time, but the timing of his coronation suggests he’s just entering adulthood. That means Loki — his adopted younger brother — could be pulling attention-seeking stunts on Earth because he’s still technically a teenager.


On the surface, this theory — that Marvel movies could intersect with the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film — sounds like a pretty farfetched idea, but the evidence is weirdly compelling. The most obvious connection between the two is the fact that both Nick Fury, the Avengers “Assembler,” and Pulp Fiction‘s Jules Winnfield are played by Samuel L. Jackson.

But, the connection deepens when you realize that the Biblical quote on Nick Fury’s grave at the end of Winter Soldier is the very same one his character in Pulp Fiction quotes. While this could just be a nod to the actor’s resume, the crux of this theory lies in the fact that the quote — from “Ezekiel 25:17” — was made up by Jules. So, the only way Fury would know it is if he and Jules were secretly the same person.


Five Infinity Stones — Space, Reality, Power, Time and Mind — have surfaced across the corners of the MCU so far, but the sixth stone, Soul, is still missing. Or is it? There’s quite a convincing fan theory floating around the Internet that the final stone has been right in front of our faces since Thor, in the possession of Asgard’s gatekeeper, Heimdall.

The first clue is that Heimdall’s power could potentially rival Odin’s. “You have great power Heimdall,” Loki remarks in Thor. “Did Odin ever fear you?” Heimdall tells him “no,” but only because he is “sworn to obey him.” Another hint is dropped in the dark world , in which Heimdall tells Thor that he can see “ten trillion souls.” Not “people,” specifically souls. Perhaps he meant this literally


Scarlet Witch was introduced as a villain in Age of Ultron, so is it really so hard to imagine that — despite becoming #TeamAvengers — she never really truly gave up her villainous ways? The death of her brother motivated her to grief-stricken-ly murder Ultron in brutal fashion. Could she be playing the long-game to get similar vengeance on the Avengers for the death of her parents?

That is it for that little list how many sound plausible let me know what to see the rest of the link is got you your own theories let me know I would love to hear them till next time ✌🏻

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