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So I have a theory for you and I thought about this while rewatch Ricky and morty.

Strap in because it’s a odd one it’s about MR MEESEEKS

For those of you don’t know who MR MEESEEKS is or not familiar with rick and morty in general he is a blue guy that like to help making their appearance in M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

Anyway why is this a theory well because that was the episode I was on and it got me thinking down a weird path Mr meeseeks main purpose is to help Right?

Let’s look at it from another way they were quote unquote designed to help but what if they had other ideas for example while they are helping out the smith family while rick and morty are god know in what dimension we learn the MESEEKS can’t disappear till its task is done well what if their main soul task is to distract not only the smith family but the audience

Let try and explain They can’t disappear till their set task is done And if their task is not done they turn rouge well maybe that is what they are trying to distract everyone from a MEESEEKS went rouge and is out hurting people and going against its programming and while we are left focused of the smith family drama that MEESEEK is running loss hence and it’s up to rick and morty to chase it though the portals and put it down.

I said I went down a weird path while watching it any way let me know what you think maybe you want to explore or expand this theory till next time ✌🏻out👋🏻 guys

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