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Undertale theory (is frisk human mettaton)

Let me start off by saying this is going to go on a weird train of thought especially for people that haven’t played undertale you are going to be clueless in what I am talking about, but for those of you that have you know there is 3 possible routes you can take in the game passive, neutral and genicide and you play as one of two fallen humans passive you play as frisk Genicide you play chara Well heres my theory and try to stay with me.

as you go though the map you meet a ghost named napsterblook you meet him again later on in the game and he invites you to hang out at his house so you go to his house which is blue but there is one next door similar to his which is pink That belongs to mettaton now like I said you play as frisk in passive but the theory really kicks in if you do genicide so after you done full passive and you found out the secerts in mettatons many diaries They you completely finish the game unless you unlock the secret bosses at the end You start playing as chara who is possessing frisk when she’s fully chara frisk dies but what if frisk does die he /she players chose what if they became a ghost moved in next to napsterblook then became mettaton all you have to do is look at its human face and think that has to be frisk or chara and the only one it makes scene to be is frisk.

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