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Continuation of undertale theory

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For those of you that read my undertale theory first of all thank you,secondly there is more so if you want a theory that is more mind boggling maybe headache inducing then the first stick around because this theory not only involves frisk But a second human or are they human? now that’s the theory.

Let’s start with our favourite Frisk now in the last theory I said he was human mettaton that theory still stands but before that I think he actually died after falling into underground and then found by Asriel if you played the game you know the story the froggits tell about about the king and queen son finding a human the human gets sick and dies.

Yeah I don’t think it completely went down like the monsters says it did yes frisk died and Asriel took frisk to their favourite place only for frisk to come as a ghost that ghost then moved next to napsterblook a ghost that is a bit doom and gloom about almost everything and later on got promised a human body granting a second chance so they could become famous in that amount of time Asriel became flowey which moves us nicely on to Chara thedemonic human you can play as, my random theory on her is just from the screen grabs I got from the game grumps let’s play.

Before I continue if you haven’t watched the game grumps play undertale one don’t if you haven’t played it yourself two only watch the passive run first and out of respect for Toby fox do play the game for yourself if you haven’t already it really is a great game.

Anyway chara was brought back from the dead after killing flowey who we learn is Asriel in the passive play though you see them both become one person she becomes straight up demonic and something out of the shining possessing not only your soul but Asriel because In the Genocide run Asriel Never existed so in the the genocide run who really is flower well I think it’s the real Chara We the players were just her puppet to get her though so she can grab her soul or just a soul and finish what she started she just uses the player to do her dirt work just so she can destroy the world.

Anyway that just a theory an underage theory and ✌🏻out guys also if you didn’t know I am going to start streaming more the most is on Twitter @Truelunawolf go full more for more updates if there is something you want me to write about for a theory of your own leave a comment drop me a message on Twitter bye guys

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