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Nos you didn’t read the title wrong and you didn’t fall though some worm hole that I am not writing about games but its just one game today and I think this could either go one of two ways one it would go along the lines of the snout giving a bunch of crap or the board and the game I am speaking of because I know that is what it u are here for its Pokemon go expect it not it will be in hogwats this could either be a fit idea or a bad one looking at the fatalities from Pokemon in the bass and it sounds like they want to carry this one they same way what the game called well harry potter fans come on down this maybe the game for you or not it will be the same concept as Pokemon go and the is a 50/50% people may or may not get hurt along the way but I see their argument they want to take us away from our screens and get out side use out imaginations for a bit any way I let my know more when I know keep you post peace out

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