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Ready player one Review

My brutally honest opinion and review on Ready Player one now ready player one is one of my favourite books and the director genius steven spielberg was behind the helm of this film can I just say bravo bravo and the actors were perfect

⚠️ spoiler alert ⚠️

Just a small run down of the film set in 2045 we mainly follow a boy escaping a distopian life in to a VR life that is allows you to use your imagination and create anything.

This film is both entertaining and like black panther it’s one of those films you want to go back to see more than once

Do I have any nitpicking words no weirdly now I found no faults ok the IOI are a bunch of asshole and a

Their lead could do with an attitude adjust other than that the film was awesome the music really lent itself to the movie. I would say I’m not one to make a song and dance but by now if you have stuck with me long enough you would know that is a load of crap the long and short of it is I can’t stop singing this films praises in all seriousness I really recommend you see this film if you seen it already go see it again

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