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Spin off or a rip off

This is just a theory so bare with me this my opinion not meant to discredit the actors or creators in anyway Now let beginning now that legal stuff is out the way Kiss me first was released on channel 4 here’s the trailer for it Kiss me first

Now look at that and look at ready player one Ready player trailer now notices any similarities any rip offs in kiss me first like I said at the beginning this is not made to discredit the creators or actors in anyway but seeing ready player one being in awe of it this program which is running for 6 night seems a bit of a let down so far and ok it’s not set in a dystopian future where everything’s got tits up but I am going to let you decide for yourselves

It’s not for me to complain judge it I hope you enjoy this please feel free to sound off below. Until next time ✌🏻our everyone.

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