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Continuation of avengers theory

Yesterday I posted a couple of theories on the soul stone that’s been going around the internet Now it’s time to give you my theory and please go with me on this because I thought about it last night and I don’t know if anyone else has thought of this so let me break it down.

So my theory is the souls stone is with starlord, it was with ego but when he died he past it on to his son in the form of his powers so the soul stone is or maybe in starlord Also if you remember is guardians of the galaxy vol 2 Ego created a whole planet with him at the centre of it passing some of the powers on to Starlord who doesn’t know where they come from and if it is the soul Stone he like ego would have the power to create a whole new world a new civilisation even.

like I said crazy theory but if you got a different one let me know sound off below till next time ✌🏻our guys

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