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Remember this theory it can be found on my out of the box theories section

This is going to get deep

You read it right I said science have you Ever asked deep questions like really deep question that requires scientific analysis and theory let’s begin

So I suffer with epilepsy frontal lobe epilepsy to be exact but I got to thinking those brain cells that got damaged by my epilepsy could they potentially be attaching themselves with functioning cells picture it like our brain is a giant computer the cells are just the mother board what if it’s rewiring itself and maybe get the dead cells working again or maybe  think of it like the brain rewriting itself like a corrupted hard drive taking the corrupted cells and fusing them together with the functioning cells  there is nothing that says It can’t happen but this is just a theory.

Well earlier this month it has been proven to be more than a theory by UCLA i will link the article as well UCLA research

When the brain’s primary “learning center” is damaged, complex new neural circuits arise to compensate for the lost function

This could be coursed by a number things but we are looking at epilepsy and the seizures that come with it

I am an epileptic have been since I was 7 years old having back to back fits or episodes to the point it nearly killed me I have damaged brain cells now the brain is a complicated organ we don’t know much about because we haven’t studied it enough but to learn it can rewire it self isn’t surprising because our brains a essentially computers if it has corrupted cells it will shut down and reboot itself hence why we sleep or take naps In the day time now I know some people will be like what does she know she’s just some blogger talking bullocks I respect the scientist that done this ground breaking research.

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