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Deadpool 3 movie?

Deadpool 3 which sounds like it could be amazing.

Considering that the first Deadpool movie made money hand over fist and the second one looks set to do the same why not have a third installment, and it’s rumoured to already be in the works before I start let’s think why we go to see deadpool the comic relief for fan theories but the big reason seems to be for the kickass action now I can safely say Ryan Reynolds aka deadpool himself has truly made up for his dare I mention it green lantern role but if he ever chose to pick that role back up he could potentially do that and throw it over to deadpool to crack more snarky comments. But let’s be honest here I think since the first green lantern where Rynolds has a CGI suit the chances are 50/50 and the fact that superhero movies at the moment seem to be cashing in money like a god church I wouldn’t say never to idea the wardrobe department has gotten alot more better since green lantern.

But back to getting a deadpool 3 as I said these are just rumours I don’t want to hype you guys would you like to see a deadpool 3 let me know in the comments below as always I’ve been Nikita till next time ✌🏻out guys

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