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Escape the night season 3 theories

Before I get started on my theories if you haven’t seen an of escape the night with Joey Graceffa I suggest you stop reading here

For those that have watched it and rewatching it ready for season three hey what’s up now that’s out the way let’s get in to the theories.

Theory 1

With the cast all confirmed and the theme set time for the theorists to come out and play season 3 of escape the night is carnival themed if you remember from season 1 the carnival or freak show was in the first season and this been carnival themed got me think what if the ring master came back to get the Demon artifact that he learnt to joey to get rid of the evil in his house 3 season in he now wants it back because sam is out of control unknown to him that the artifact is now practically useless with out the demon that’s that theory.Let’s love on to theory two that going to be a dozy

Theory 2

So for those of us that have watched up to this point this point being season 3 of Escape The Night know that in the last season joey dead or did he?If you what the trailer for the season three one line stood out to me and it got my mind going down a crazy path one that could make scene he said “I can’t have them knowing my secret”Hmm what secret is that joey that you are one like Kenny in South Park immortal or two you are using some sort of time manipulation to freeze or shift time before or after your dead in the last season I would like to know your theories and if one of them is a vampire believe I ruled that one out from season 2 anyway that is my theories got you own sound off in the comments till next time ✌🏻Guys

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  1. i think joey is evil because maybe the crown from last series etc passested him or something? he could’ve also been evil because when joey was killed the knife may have had the sourcerises blood on it what would mean if joey was killed with the same knife he may have become evil with her dna? dunno just a theory

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