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Firstly I am recapping theories as well as giving a new one SO I just done rewatching escape the night season 1 and 2 and low and behold joey did die is season 2 stabbed by the crazy bitch sorceress, after defeating her Tyler helped getting himself and Andra Home by wearing the crown of oblivion leaving joey in a coffin with said crown.

All I know is my theories for season 3 still stands how is he alive again and that’s they secret he don’t want coming out he died but somehow his back by either using time he was bite by a vampire or a werewolf or his taken on some of the sorceress power after wearing the crown

Well now I am also throwing a new theory out there involving jet pack girl

Now jet pack girl was always desperate to seek approval off her old boss that she tried going out on her own I mean she oven said so

So what if joey isn’t all human like the vampire and werewolf theory but not what if jet pack girl invented something and said to her boss this contraptions is going to revive a life and he told her to get her head out of her backside because remember she saw her a pest we said joey die we saw him in the coffin what we didn’t se was what jet pack girl was doing he could be like the atomaton bride and that’s what he don’t want people to know not all of him is human wild theory throwing out to you anyway I’m going to work on Matpat theory that he put out to us to decode the name of golden Freddy there’s a head wait for me till next time ✌🏻Guys.

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