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Let’s start by saying yes another Fnaf theory just when you thought we were free nope not a chance but this time MatPat turned to us for help so today’s theory is The mystery of golden Freddy now this has had everyone turning to reddit do cyphers expect one reddit user dpowerful1 might have solved it after Matpat tried and wave the white flag here’s how they figured it out,

Cassidy aka Cassidy Afton but before you jump in my comments section and say Matpat has gone through all the afton family yes true all expect one and we met her first game scared of the golden Freddy the crying child coma vic our bite victim debate and another reddit user called chrisllx says

“In the fourth closet on page 332 the name Cassidy gets mentioned”

So there is my theory Cassidy Afton is crying child our possible bite victim and the coma theory of fnaf4

got your theories sound off below and please send this to Matpat I like to get his feedback till next time guys✌🏻

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