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Continuation of golden Freddy theory

Remember my last theory well so far that checks out for it being Cassidy if you have the fanf logbook go to the crossword page,

Scott throw us off with the 8 bit grid that has to be for something else

now time for me to work out the faded text with my last bit of the theory still standing it’s Cassidy she is our bite victim Mike or us is talking to her trying to get her to remember who she is or visa versa something happened to us she is trying to get us to remember who we are it’s Cassidy Afton she is our missing puzzle piece the pieces were all there Scott was literally dangling them in front of us.

Matpat for hopefully the last time put the timeline together put it in that box lock that said box back up with a bow round it and let’s never speak of this again unless Scott is going to drop a bombshell of another game or book on us besides ultimate custom night. Any way guys that all the updates I have till next time ✌🏻

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