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Fnaf is far from over

Let me start this by saying bravo Scott you official played us theorists like fiddles heres why Matpats new video is up and my theory has be bombed if you haven’t read my Mystery of golden Freddy theory now you can. In Matpats video what he said makes more sense maybe we are not looking at Cassidy as golden freddy we are looking at Michael Afton and have been this whole time Six’s games one story Michaels story he is our bite victim he is the crying child but that leaves us with more questions

Who is Michael Afton?

What’s his name? Go back to the faded text in logbook

Who is Cassidy?

How does Cassidy fit in to the story/timeline?

Is Cassidy Micheal real name and we all Started to assume Cassidy is a girl what if it’s not it’s Michael aka purple guy?

Is the tally lift in the logbook a log of all the death he has seen.?

So many questions that need anwsers and one way or another us loyal theorists will find them and help matpat where we can even throw in our own theories as well

Anyway guys that all my brain hurts till next time guys ✌🏻

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