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Quick Escape the night blog

Disclaimer before reading this blog be warned there are spoilers

Season 3 of escape the night is in full swing and man has it got more twist and turns then the rainbow road Anyway back to the theory in the last episode we matpat go up against Manny in a Verity of strength challenges only Manny won our beloved game theorist was killed but the strong man but they did find a Lazarus coin now the theory is that box could bring back a member

If you know the myth behide the Lazarus pit it was also used in CW arrow its meant to bring someone back from dead but they don’t come back fully human so right now they are probably in the world between worlds and if one of them gets brought back they may have blood lust depending on how their plan to play it they could bring one of the fallen back meaning matpat could come back if they want him too. but remember that is just a theory until next time guys ✌🏼 oh before I go comic con in San Diego starts up next week now I will get bits a piece from it because I don’t live in the USA but I still blog on it like last time.

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