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Like an addict addicted to candy crush we are back again on FNAF not just one theory two. Before I get started thank you to dawko and matpat so far in solving this puzzle that been nothing but a headache

And also Thank you to ZAMASU twice actually for maybe soloving the most frustrating part of FNAF who the hell is golden Freddy and for my second theory but for now the golden Freddy theory although I had my theories this may have been the final Part I needed (

well in FNAF one we are greeted to his jumpescare with the sound of a little girl laughing then the sound of crying which then turn in to glitched screaming in anger and angony then As the games evolved so does did golden Freddy and this girl as we may have learnt from Micheal Aftons logbook in theory her name is Cassidy yes we are following one person one story 7 parts and yes it maybe Micheals story

But why was Cassidy hidden in the word search of the logbook she has to be the key I just know she is but I can’t put that piece in place.

As for theory two

The animatronic Voice logs from ultimate custom night if you listen to these logs all the way though you start to get the story and they start talking about someone that shouldn’t have been killed now this could be aftons daughter Henry daughter or even Henry himself i am leaning more towards Henry because they say himand also they say stuff like “his been watching you wait for you” so I am am leaning towards it being Henry that Afton killed Henry And he is always watching and you also get a weird creepy song from bonnie

So you start to build the story like Williams or Micheals if we are still looking at it from that angle because the other thing the animatronics say is abouting killing someone they shouldn’t have and for that they are not going to let out character leave or rest with baby echiing it just take a look at the screenshot

and now they are suffering apart of me says this is Micheals story it has been from the beginning he’s see Nightmare Fredbear he has basically cheated death which is what nightmare fredbear is that is confirmed so he could undo his fathers wicked crimes but as William can’t pay the price he’s already dead the son will have to do and to complete the creepyness before I go check out these lines from wither bonnie anyway those are my theories till next time guys ✌🏻

13 Replies to “Is this my last Fnaf theory”

  1. I know that this is a dumb theory: Do you think that Helpy is actually Henry?
    Who ells is giving you money and making you them motivational recordings.

    1. It is not a dumb theory it sounds like a good theory but Henry died as shown in fnaf world and as Matpat explain

      1. In order for matpat to be correct Henry would have had to die in a computer.
        If Henry did die at the hands of baby his soul would be with the funtime group.

      2. That or Henry died trying to find Elizabeth (baby found him first).
        He did say he wasn’t fully aware of what William had done.

        I do have one more theory, it’s a weird one: Michel (crying child) was the first human animatronic, driven schizophrenically mad by the program.
        After the child’s lobotomy he was left debilitated giving the program its best chance to take over.
        “Your broken”
        “We are still your friends.”
        “Do you believe that?”

        Michel was the only person to make friends with his animatronic side.
        It’s only when he was killed did he come back to life (Michel is wearing Fredbear as a suit, who was wearing him as one).

        It would explain how he puked up ennard, that and why he eyes go black.

      3. This one I think I did cover that it was one person over 6 stories and it’s Michel’s story hey was Williams experiment going by the line I will put you back together and candybots stories

      4. ^-o exactly.

        o-o I still find it a little odd that William made a robot family (wife, daughter and two sons). You know your going mad when you see one son as a bear and the other as a fox.

        fredbear: “I will put you back together.”

        William was feeding his son souls?

        The Five Orphans
        Tried to protect them, failed.

        The Five Keys
        Tried to save everyone, failed.

        The Five Kittens
        Had to kill one, regretted it.

        o-O poor snake (two get killed in this story)
        *after 5 nights*

      5. Stories of a sick a twisted man who found himself trapped in his own personal hell by his business partner his son and his creations

      6. o-o I think his business partner is is son (there is not many reasons not to think that).

        I thought the twisted part would have been the bodies liquefying under those storage conditions.

        I only have one problem with the story, WHY?
        He kills, spirits attack, he dies.
        It’s a really empty story when you brake it done to its basic elements.

        o-O I have no clue how they will make a film out of it.

      7. If William liked to kill kids why didn’t he kill his own? Why not just take them off the street? Why robots?
        Did he want to create the perfect life like animatronic?

        Thanks for talking fnaf with me, don’t get many chances to geek out.

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