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Joey graceffa’s Escape the night theory (Sally the clown)

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If you been following season three of escape the night you might remember this clown Sally

Well this is from her Instagram where she is in the confessional now if you haven’t watched it yet don’t read on from here in episode one Joey and the cast cleanse a jack in the box artifact but not before Tela and JC going in to the death match with their partners Sofia and matpat who had it to keep them alive matpat fails Jc and get the last peice or the jack in the box its head Sofia wins keeping Tela alive and getting peice which banishes the clowns or so we thought now here’s my theory on Sally maybe she part of the society against evil and she was there to watch over Joey and the cast is that her secret or is going to be a bigger part of the puzzle and she can help get rid of the carnival master and help them fully escape the night please let me know your theories down below as always guys till next time ✌🏻

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