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Quick escape the night update

Hey guys ETN update here the new episode went up today I’m hoping by now people have watched it this episode the monster is the dolls with knives or as I started calling them the Chucky rejects anyway So far the predictions have stayed correct we say goodbye to Colleen when she is sacrificed to a contraption commonly known as an iron maiden but this one was called the mad maid joey finds the second coin opening the box of lazerus get the harp and it only has one song left to revive one fallen friend which we still believe is Matpat because I don’t believe it would be Colleen after she came for joey and called him a liar with out hearing everything they will call Matpat back one more time. Anyway that is all if you want to read my escape the night blogs links below ETN season 3 theories anyways till next time ✌🏼

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