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The flash season 5 theories

SDCC has been teasing trailer like there is no tomorrow but the one I am focusing on is the flash season 5,that’s right the flash is back with a Daughter From the future? but that isn’t the weird part apparently oh no the seasons big bad looks like it could be another version of himself with a lighting bolt blade it’s that or the punisher is really pissed at the flash because his show is doing well. Anyway all joking a side is this big bad another version of him or is it a villan after the speedsters future daughter has she made enemies something happened to either her mum or dad and that’s why she has gone back in time but ended up going to far and finding them in their present time but Nora didn’t come alone oh no she brought company because how else is a reunion with mum and dad going to go down with out the additional cling on let me know your theories below till next time ✌🏻

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