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Another escape the night theory

So let’s go back to yesterday’s episode with the fun house before the death match mats team in the candy room found a note that the carnival master has corrupted one of the team now we are positive monomer is under the carnival master spell but is someone else one that hasn’t been Vocal one that’s been to scared to vote for any of her team mates

The one that didn’t give much of a reaction when Sofia died after they voted Nikita and Manny to go head to head in the death and they both went back alive and nikita won so like I said Sofia had to die you know I am talking about Roseanne right remember this is just a theory and actually I love RO and her singing and cooking so no hate on this theory. Anyway that is my theory let me know your theories down in the comments even on Twitter @truelunawolf and will add them till next time ✌🏼

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