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Here we go again (another FNAF theory)

Here is one for you if you are one for reading between the lines of video games then maybe you will understand this one,

You see I thought I was though with fnaf I thought it I had closed the books turns out that this game can seriously milk it,

with its lore and theories and you thought the Zelda theories and timelines was headache inducing well move over Zelda because you have a new competitor and it’s not done yet turns out fnaf has more to offer think of it like a really great movie you keep going back to just see if you missed any Easter eggs that’s what fnaf is like but instead we go back to it trying to put the pieces together.

So far going by everything we have learnt from Scott himself and matpat of course we’ve been right but i think Scott has hidden an underlined theme remember matpat said it was one person one story told at the time in 6 games ultimate custom night makes 7 games and it’s Michaels story that’s true but also it’s not just Michael story it overlaps with another the one that’s been at the centre from the very beginning the one whose jumpscare made no sense the one who likes to crash the players games with the phrase IT’S ME Cassidy aka golden she’s our missing link

She learn more about and hopefully we will soon. Well that was my theory till next time guys✌🏼

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