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Mortimer’s theory (escape the night)

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Matpat finds this creepy note the funhouse episode so One among the remaining escape the night cast is corrupted.

yeah I think we know who that is by now

if not and your still confused then just go with me in this one he is acting like he is still on the cast side while feeding information back to his master I’m talking about Mortimer people he is The carnival masters pet take a look

This monster doesn’t show up any where else accept one with Manny and in the intro

Do you see the resemblance of Mortimer that monster is Mortimer

After he was corrupted but the funhouse artifact seriously

at this point I think these theories write themselves

We see Mortimer dead on the floor so unless he transform ed back to human and the carnival master killed him after he was finished with him Mortimer’s corruption was nothing more than a tragic accident because o think the real person that was meant to turn and be corrupted is the one with the link to everlock Joey remember what he said if he dies the town dies with him.

With a blood oath to save everlock he is the link like the girl from the Society against evil said

Save the town you come back to the live fail be lost along with the town forever

And with the link to everlock dies so does the town the carnival master wins.

Anyway that’s it from me till next time ✌🏼

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