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It’s over it’s finally over

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No more fnaf it’s finally over thanks to matpat he has done a time line spread across to videos to help you out and understand the story better Because remember fnaf was inspired by a real event matpat does go in to that as well on his first theory anyway link here to part one.


Part two–——–///

Long story short we were right it’s about Micheal Afton from the lines we are still your friends do you believe that I will put you back together.

Now we know for sure who says it willam Afton to Micheal who was the bite victim, I will put you back together meaning I will literally put you back together and I will make you into one of my creepy robots the fourth closet supports that theory backed up by matpat.

Scott also said this Qoute

the pieces are in place for you but will the fans accept it that way Perhaps somethings are best left forgotten

The pieces were in place for us that was true and I’m not going to sugar coat it dear readers let’s focuse on the qoute

something things are best left forgotten

And thats the box with the said pieces that was in place now we know what the pieces are the body part of a robotic kid that was once living I feeling like we have come full circle it’s sort of a fitting end to close the book on that creepy bastard Afton

if you want to learn all the timeline watch matpat videos and if your behind on the theories you can read my theories or watch matpats they both corilate with each other until next time ✌🏻

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