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Remember this theory my first escape The Night Theory

Escape the night fan theories

Remember these are theories and opinions let’s get started for those that watch Joey Graceffa escape the night 2 in the latest episode the cast found a crystal, not a gem like they were meant to find but a crystal that could possibly bring back the dead (just a theory may not be true)

so one of the cast that died can theoretically return (Keyword theoretically)

but with things like this you know there has to be a catch 22

Before I go into all that spoilers if you haven’t watched it

But how they get this crystal without giving too much away is the betrayal of another cast member the people on this quest Andrea and joey their main  task was kill and ice witch go and watch the episode because I am trying my best not to spoil it

And let’s just get into this theory about this crystal.

now we know with escape the night nothing is straightforward everything comes with a price and a catch this  “crystal of life bringing” has to hold a catch 22 somewhere like a life for a life kind of deal now I learn of what this crystal is from a  Fan theory video now like this person said this is just a theory we could be wrong and I have emphasised that it’s a theory throughout this post.

If you got your opinions let me know I’ve done the comment below and I’ll see you next time

Now I may have actual eveidents to back it up but notice I made the would crystal bold that’s because that is the subject of this theory

this is the crystal I was referring to in my theory from season two

this is the crystal from season three

Bare with me because here is the theory and I may sound crazy but they are the same crystal remember I said that crystal in season 2 has a life for a life deal or resurrection

Same with season 3 and they return to the first season house cast members past and present and as crazy as it sounds I also makes sense to me as well. Anyway that was my theory till next time ✌🏻

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