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living as a person as well as a persona

This may go of on a ranting tandem sorry in advance this was Posted July 10, 2014

Let begin.

TBH you see what i want you to see i don’t show the true me in my videos i just show a persona Come in close, because the more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you and that’s what i do as a youtuber because the closer you look at me putting the happy go lucky persona on the easy it is i am fooling you, when underneath i am getting ready to break down i am gonna use a phrase danisnotonfire uses a lot i am having an existential crisis yeah i am going though mine atm granted my bf is a sold help but he can’t always be there for me so when you look at that qoute just think we might look happy but we are not always as happy as we appear to be.

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