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Markiplier theory

Now if you haven’t seen it Matpat made a theory on Markiplier ( link to said video

Matpat exposes him as a murder now you have to remember he now has the creative power to do what ever he wants when ever he want and he has the power to make what ever he wants,over the course of six years he has been crating a story a plot between non game play mark is creating a extended universe with his alter egos with darkiplier leader and it started with Markiplier tv dark talks about taking back control meaning control of the channel and he know channel exists. After I was put on hiatus he then pops up in a simulation type of video a date with markiplier saying how he was pushed a side and replaced and mocked mark says darkiplier is a separate entity from him so dark is leading a bunch alter egos to take down mark and thusly gaining control of the channel now you can go back a look at who killed markiplier which is like a game of cluedo and there are clues you missed a story for his most dangerous egos Welford and dark When markiplier ends up dead at a poker night with his childhood friends Damian and a very OTT Kernel you think you know who the killer is at the end of the 4 videos right? Let’s pick apart the clues am appearance of a room a female hand and the red and blue Matpat explains it much better I’m just giving a break down mark isn’t mark he is also a character as explained by matpat

As part of the lore of the mark vs dark storyline you see at any given time. Just watched Matpat theory he go very in-depth and what mark is doing is genius and very unique.

Till next time guys✌🏼

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