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Thank you to this Reddit user I am borrowing this and after watching and researching who killed Markiplier the Anwser I believe is yes so let me qoute this Reddit user.


“learning that Mark ran off in Damien’s body, and Damien, along with Celine and the 2nd Entity are all fused together as Darkiplier in the Guest’s body, and both Warfstache and Darkiplier were created at the same time, could this mean that all the previous times we have seen “Mark” in videos where Darkiplier and/or Warfstache have shown up, it’s really been him in Damien’s body? So, this could mean that A Date with Markiplier was really A Date with Markiplier in Damien’s Body”

End qoute

So have we been painting darkipier in a bad light remember I qouted that dark is made up of Celine Damian and a 2nd entity that possessed the house do does he have the right to be vengeful well yes qoute again


“this also mean that Darkiplier, as the fused entity of the 2nd Entity, Celine, and Damien, the latter two having reason to want revenge on Mark for taking their bodies away, is actually justified for wanting Mark dead?”

End qoute

Well yes it could justify alot This entire time, Darkiplier has really been the victim and Mark is the villain?

After watching Who Killed Markiplier I also read an explanation of it over on Here is the link:


everything we have ever seen, has been after the events of WKM. The timeline is all jumbled though, because the arcane magic used by mark and celine basically just broke reality which makes scene and In ‘Wilford interviews markiplier’ wilford says that (qoute) “the markiplier hasn’t killed anybody,”(End Qoute which mark replies with ‘well, I didn’t said that.” (He means he killed celine and damien)

So that means mark (from WKM) already stole damiens body in that video as well

But hey that’s just a theory a youtuber theory till next time guys✌🏼 Before I off you got you own theories sound off below or you just want to read the this Reddit user link here:

Luna wolf out 👋🏻

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