Lights camera Action

This is anti alter ego of jacksepticeye

Yes this is an anti theory and don’t write

Me off as a nutter just yet and go with me

On this antisepticeye or as we know him

Anti is an internet-virus demon he

Was Created originally by the fans

Influencing Darkiplier which got me

Thinking was anti meant to be

Darkiplier’s Protege or

Were they meant to be enemies

Let’s take this quote here


It is known that the viewers’ idea of Darkiplier had largely influenced the viewers’ creating the idea of Antisepticeye.

End quote

So was anti meant to be modelled on dark?

but he was a failed Experiment as we know dark is made up of the souls of Celine,Damian and second entity which means dark is fully corporeal and can come and go as he pleases and Anti can’t his just a virus in the Internet stuck but he wants jack or rather jacks body so he can be like dark and prove he is not useless he just out to seek darks approval to be him maybe even better and more powerful than him because at the end of the day they are both power hungry characters.

But hey that’s just a theory a YouTuber theory till next time ✌🏻

Before I sign out completely remember to check out my last blog post that was funny enough a darkiplier post I love you all ❤️👋🏻 Luna wolf out

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