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Tv theories that turned out to be true

This one is a weird one to think about but when you actually think about it and connect the dots it may actually make scenes let’s begin.

Breaking bad and the walking dead are connected ?!!!

This may sound crazy but breaking bad and the walking dead are connected that does include fear the walking dead

There have been references of breaking bad in the walking dead Walt’s dodge car,a little nod to the “janky little white guy” dealer who referred to everyone as “bitch” and Merle’s stash of blue Meth not to mention fear the walking dead’s in-universe includtion of breaking bad Mariachi Ballard ‘Negro y Azul’.

It has been an ongoing joke in fandom that Breaking Bad is a prequel to the zombie apocalypse, but speaking at 2018’s Comic-Con,

The creator of the walking dead Robert Kirkman confirmed that Heisenberg’s product caused the zombie outbreak.

Kirkman may be a little tongue-in-cheek with his response, but look out for a Bryan Cranston walker cameo (complete with Y-fronts) in the near future, just in case.

Adventure time predicts future earth?

Forget Westeros forget middle earth

We now have adventure time land of Ooo is a post apocalyptic wasteland showing Finn as the last human left alive.

The creator of adventure time Pendleton ward like the idea and made it cannon in the show but including the great mushroom war

A reference to mushroom clouds

dilapidated buildings and lost artefacts confirm that Adventure Time is supposed to be a cute, but catastrophic, look into our own future.

R+L=J Game of thrones

Considering George RR Martin first published Game of Thrones in 1991, some of the fantasy epic’s theories have been swirling for decades. As HBO brought the Seven Kingdoms to life on the small screen,

And it has brought it in a big cult following as fans obsessed over it and theories can wait to jump on the bandwagon (ie me) the biggest theory was R+L=J Fans of the book series had already mused that mopey bastard Jon Snow might be a secret Targaryen, and season 7 of the show fully confirmed the long held theory.

That’s just a few theories you may not have heard that Turned out to be true till next time guys ✌🏻

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Luna wolf out 👋🏻🌈

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