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Is time travel going to be big part of avengers 4?

No matter how you spin it or what we think will happen in avengers 4 their is no moving forward without black panther,Star-load,spider-man,winter soldier,falcon the list goes on while it is true we could probably deal with the lost of some of those people many of them are a big deal,So we know they are going to come back somehow. For no reason than, they have a sequels in that have already been announced like black panther,spider man and guardians of the galaxy. The fans first thought as the credits began to roll was how they would go back in time and fix all of this.

Before infinity wars can out fans had a lot of guesses about doctor strange using the time stone to reset things well that seems like a difficult plan now but if doesn’t mean someone like captain marvel,the ant-man and the wasp, Adam warlock or even someone else someone that hasn’t been announced yet or we haven’t thought of the real question is if we have learned anything from infinity wars it’s that the MCU is unpredictable and that makes it more fun for Theories it allows us to get in to the psyche of the characters.

But hey that just a theory a hero’s theory till next time guys✌🏻

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Luna Wolf signing out 👋🏻

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