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My own encounter

Before I get started on my own encounter let me start by telling you what the page is for Paranormal activity and history is where I am going to share my favourite haunted locations and a bit about the myths and legends around them sounds like something you are in to please drop in a check it out.

I said in a previous entry I have come close to death twice and the reason is my epilepsy and having back to back fits at the age of 7 so I was in the hospital for most of the time  The back to back fit was my first encounter with my Nan my mother mum who by the way I have never met she died before I was born yet when my heart stopped twice and I saw her she was who I saw and I felt like I’ve known her forever and I could physically touch her speak to her and she hugged me and said you are too young to join me it’s not your time go back home to your mother and father and I woke up but I see her when I go in to a fit and it’s longer than it should be she is there to guide me back.


again if this is something that interests you I will post little and as often as possible

till next time peace

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